The Origins of Balayage?

When hair stylists observed how the sun lightened hair in a very natural and beautiful way, they looked to reproduce this effect in the salon, so Balayage was born. Balayage was so revolutionary it would change the way colourists worked forever. Balayage is a French word, that means "to sweep". By sweeping the brush onto the hair we create soft multidimensional highlights that give the hair a natural "lived in" look that is so popular among French women today. 

Why is Balayage so popular among French women?

French women are renowned for their chic and easygoing approach to style, especially when it comes to their hair. They particularly appreciate the French Balayage technique for its ability to produce healthy and stunning hair that requires little upkeep. This approach eliminates the need for frequent root touch-ups at the salon. French women value natural-looking and healthy hair because it enhances a youthful appearance. They prefer hair colours that highlight their natural beauty rather than just their hair.

The renowned French Hair Colourist Christophe Robin shares our philosophy," It is not about masking and hiding a woman’s beauty with hair, it is about the enhancement of such beauty."

For Robin, "It's about the inner workings of how colour plays out on the facial characteristics of a woman. It is a game of analytics; the analysis of the face, a game of tones, pigments and complexion, and how to capture her in the most beautiful light. Showing off her skin tone, eyes and complexion without letting colour dominate, ever."

Difference Between Balayage And Highlights.

Balayage is different from traditional highlights as it is hand painted onto the hair instead of being applied within foils. This technique results in softer and less noticeable regrowth lines as the transition between dark and light colours is more gradual and natural-looking. 

When colouring hair using foils, a noticeable contrast will appear between the newly applied hair colour and the natural colour of the hair, resulting in a demarcation line. As the hair grows, the roots' natural colour becomes more visible, and the line between the coloured and natural hair becomes more noticeable.

Versatility Of Balayage.

Balayage is entirely customisable to suit each person's unique needs. Since it's hand-painted, great balayage hair stylists need to adapt and become more like hair artists. Creativity and an artistic eye are required to successfully blend the placement of light and depth to complement your skin tone, hair texture, and features. With balayage, you can achieve the perfect look that suits you, making it an ideal choice for all hair types and lengths  For examples of how versatile balayage is, please see images of our work on Instagram.

At L'Artiste Coiffeur, we offer different balayage packages based on the look and colours each technique can achieve, making it easier for you to choose the package that's right for you.

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Beware not all Balayage is authentic Balayage! Authentic Balayage is always done without the use of foils. A Balayage done in foils is an adapted version called a foilayage. Emily Chen explains this very well to the largest community in the world for salon professionals called

Beautiful Balayage Hair Colours.

The Benefits of Balayage:

  • No demarcation on regrowth: Balayage techniques are great value for money because the seamless blend means there are no harsh lines or demarcation on regrowth, allowing for more time between your appointments. It can last for between 3 to 4 months.
  • Enhanced natural hair colour: Your natural hair colour is enhanced by the specific placement of our Balayage and the colour we choose for your toner.
  • Customizable: Coloring hair without foils allows for more creativity and flexibility, as you can paint the colour onto the hair more freely, resulting in a more personalized and unique look.
  • Less damage to your hair: At L’Artiste Coiffeur our Balayage is always applied in a way that ensures your hair’s health.
    With the freehand techniques, we choose natural clay based lighteners to ensure the lightening process is soft and kind to the hair. Foils can trap in heat, causing damage to the hair. Colouring without foils is gentler on the hair, making it less likely to become dry and brittle.
    For the Foil-ayage techniques (balayage applied in foils) we make sure that the developer used is lowered to ensure a slower lift process, guaranteeing your hair’s health and quality while still obtaining that seamlessly blended blonde look.

 Our philosophy is “Beautiful Hair is Healthy Hair”! At L’Artiste Coiffeur we never compromise on this.

Your Hair Colour Should Be As Unique As You Are.

As Brisbane's leading Balayage specialist, We customise our techniques based on your unique features and skin tone. We ensure a personalised hair colour that reflects your individuality and what suits you best.

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Stunning French Riviera Blonde.

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A Seamless blend means there are no harsh lines on regrowth



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